About us

We are committed to supporting US and European entrepreneurs and businesses with limited resources engage in international commerce. On both continents, our experienced partners and specialist networks  are committed to building the capabilities clients need to export their products or services, or establish a physical presence in a foreign market.

Who we are


Chuck Fadus

An innovative leader with proven skills to deliver consequential financial performance in a broad array of business disciplines.

Among Chuck’s specialties are internal controls and compliance, business process design, and general management. He has worked in government and in the transportation, printing and packaged consumer goods industries.


Marion Bartels, PhD

A master of leadership excellence and business transformation; and a German transplant to the US.

Marion leverages assertive leadership and business acumen to achieve significant business results. Her experience includes major restructurings and turnarounds. She has worked in financial services, information technology solutions and government.


Michael Herzog (Germany)

Michael's passion is international sales and business development. His strategic thinking and creative management abilities underpin the success delivered to clients in diverse industries.

He brings to any engagement an enviable skill set of sharp analysis, market insights and relationship-building at all organizational levels.

What We Do

We manage clients’ international commerce projects with a focus on cost effectiveness, ease of implementation and long term viability.

Our experience in business process design, crossborder marketing, and leadership enable us to mitigate risks inherent in a new venture. Whether a client needs staffing, training, interim management, site selection or expatriate acclimation, we and our networks stand ready as a one-stop shop for these requirements and more.