Our Services

RVA Global does whatever it takes to position your business in your target markets:
  • Company Evaluation
  • Readiness Check
  • Company Foundation
  • Recruiting
  • Certifications
  • Strategic Business Expansion
  • Channel Partners
  • Web Site Services
  • Marketing / Sales Support
  • Interim Management

Our Process

Each client’s project is expertly managed to completion. Applying a simple but robust four-step project management process enables us to remain focused on the client’s objectives while being mindful of timelines and budgets. We bring decades of diverse accomplishments to bear, along with the wisdom and confidence that is only acquired with time.



RVA Global Partners works with its clients to ensure engagement objectives are distilled into a precisely-worded vision of success. The resulting vision is a destination, and there is often more than one path available to reach it. Clients select one of the paths we derive to serve as the basis of an initial project plan.



A feasibility assessment to validate the selected path is delivered in the form of a high-level project outline. Our outline reflects any new information uncovered during the assessment, and identifies the major work flows needed to reach the client’s destination. At this point, client acceptance is necessary so that detailed plans, timelines and budgets can be prepared.



RVA Global Partners meticulously plans client projects from start to finish. Important milestones, concurrent work flows, estimated timing and roles and responsibilities are presented to the client for final agreement. Updates and plan adjustments are delivered to the client in a form, format and frequency agreed upon by the parties.



Executing against a plan requires the fullest attention, commitment and adaptability of both parties. RVA Global Partners’ project manager is skilled at identifying obstacles and ensuring they are resolved with minimal disruption to the plan. This level of diligence assures clients a successful journey to their destination.